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Solstice River XIX & Global Water Dances

Where: Audience comes out on the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis

When: June 20, 2015, 5 pm

What: Outdoor site-specific dance performance with

Music simulcast over KBEM 88.5 FM

Free and open to the public


This is the final year that Hardenbergh will be creating the site-specific dance on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. The "Water Wheel of Time" shows images from each of the previous 18 years.

Solstice River 2015

If you have never stood on the Stone Arch Bridge to experience the explosion of color dancing all around you on the solstice, this is your LAST CHANCE!!.

This Solstice River XIX will be the final time for the well-loved tradition in its current form. The lock and dam, where dancers have performed, is closing down. We are very lucky to have been able to work so cooperatively with the US Army Corps of Engineers over the years, and they have graciously agreed to allow the Women of the Waters to pour one last time.


Women of the Waters Solstice River
Women of the Waters shown on the lock and dam

“Solstice River” is the name of the performance that will occur this year for its 19th annual event. The audience comes out onto the Stone Arch Bridge, and watches as the river corridor comes alive with rhythm and color, as dancers appear on rooftops, balconies and riverbanks, sometimes even in kayaks! How can all the dancers and the audience hear the same beat at the same moment, since they are all so many thousands of feet apart? All of the dancers have their own portable radios, and the broadcast for the event comes over the airwaves courtesy of KBEM.

This is the brainchild of Marylee Hardenbergh, choreographer and Artistic Director of Global Water Dances, which is a one-day event that illuminates water issues through the art of dance around the world, on six continents in over 60 cities. Global Water Dances began in 2011 and this year, on June 20th, Minneapolis will be one of over 60 cities participating in the third biennial event.

Every city that participates produces its own local dance, and then joins in a dance with the other locations, connecting all the world together as it brings awareness to water issues. The event calls for “Clean Water for Everyone, Everywhere.”

This nineteenth annual performance of Solstice River is Minnesota’s contribution to Global Water Dances and will include a performance of the dance that connects us with all the dancers around the world.

KBEM has partnered with Solstice River for many years. Station Manager Michele Jansen lends her beautiful reading voice to the simulcast. The music, written specifically for the dance 20 years ago, was composed by J. David Moore, with piano by Severin Behnen. Lucia Newell, jazz singer from the Twin Cities, reads the “Letter from the River.”

Marylee Hardenbergh is the Artist-in-Residence at Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education. She is assisted this year by Lori Mercil, who dances for several choreographers in the Twin Cities, and has worked with Hardenbergh in many performances over the years.


The projects that Global Site Performance has been invited to create are very exciting to us. These projects exemplify not only our passions, but also the areas of the world in which we want to move. We are interested in building ongoing cross-cultural relationships between women of multiple ethnicities. We desire to create beauty and wholeness, to make dances that are community-based, and to create multi-community events that affirm the power of women, for it is the women who weave together the fabric of the family and community.